About Me


Hello, This is @gnibha.😎 I’m a college student. Writing is my passion. I love to write. I also love painting. I’m a artist first. After that Creativity comes in.

I always wanted to create a blog like Motive In Motion. Tried so many times and failed miserably, so I’ve to drop the idea thrice. But Now it is here. And it is doing soo well. I’m happy. I’m very very happy. 😊😊😊😊

Thank you to you all for liking my blog, my contents. Now i just wanted to see the growth of #MIM.✌

Well I’m a kind of person who love silences more than words. Though when you choose writing as a passion, it is words with whom you have to spend most of your time. So, yaa it is difficult for me to do what i ignore to do. I’ll not say that i don’t want to do but yes I’m ignoring it as much as i can.

I’m a shy person. I’m a very very shy person. It takes me more than a week to comfort with a new person. I don’t talk too much also. I know this are the things on which i can’t be proud of. But still, it is in me. Some thought that I’m too arrogant or it is my attitude problem, i dont blame them for that. I can’t do anything with it.

But i can make sure, when i feel like I’m comfortable with the other person i won’t disappoint after then. 😁😁