I’m no Ceraunophile

“Thunder is Good, Thunder is Impressive. But it is Lightning that does the work”

Mark Twain

Can’t agree more.
Raining outside. Lightning strikes.
And here i’m standing on the porch

I’m no ceraunophile, but still, i don’t know,
I enjoy the lightning. Everyone does.

I love the way the sky seems to glow with violet light, the searing white shards that chase their way to earth.

The flashes of lightning signalled a break in the envelope of silence

Without warning, a loud band pierced the night sky! And along with it, the ears of mine. The sky becomes a shade of pink orange

It always ends too soon though, leaving me disappointed.

But something that shatters me are the after effects. Wires fell on the roof of a house just next to my apartment. Those screams, pavid eyes of the childrens freaks me out.

What gives me peace may be that thing  snatched someone else’s peace. Just praying that nobody is harmed.