Did you ever travelled by bus in Kolkata ?

In This post I’m just trying to express my discomfort.

Well, had you ever travelled by Bus ? 🚌

What a silly question! Of course, you did. Well, had you ever travelled by bus in kolkata? Got up! Yeah pretty good. What was your experience like? 😐
Why am i asking ?
Okay, now then I would love to share my experience.😌

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At My initial days in Kolkata, it was quite fun.😎 But gradually the fun was decreasing and anger, discomfort Growing up.πŸ˜“

I think bus drivers of Kolkata think that they are not just drivers, they are Pilots, they are not driving buses 🚌 they are driving planes. ✈

I’m wondering What are their thoughts while running the bus? πŸ€”
“I’m running bus now at GTA5 ??πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

There is no account of how many people lost their lives for such Reckless Driving.This is what I heard today, a bus hit a woman in Sector 5 and went away, the woman died before she was taken to the hospital And there are more such tragedies.😞
Have a look at this stats.

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But only the bus drivers are guilty?
Think well once? Whenever the bus goes slow, we get angry, we abuse the driver and then the driver said to drive it loudly. We also see only our own interests here too.So that we could reach our offices, colleges, schools not so lately. Is our own interest more important than a person’s life?

I am not a saint, I have also done this many times but then I don’t not understand the depth of the issue.
It is us who motivates the bus driver to ride in such a speedy way. So do not put all the blame on them and do a bit on your neck too.

All i can say lastly.. Safety is in our hands. Whenever you’re in such situation, don’t think too much and go, stop the driver or make him understand!

If you have encounter with such issues do let me know in the comment section πŸ‘

Thank youπŸ™

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