Sourav Ganguly- The warrior Prince

Just following and idolizing Sourav Ganguly, who played with his heart on his sleeve, made me get through a patch that looked like a dead-end and since then, a Ganguly in me has lived on. He inspired me so much.It was phenomenal seeing the change the Gangulian attitude had brought in me; it literally carried … Continue reading Sourav Ganguly- The warrior Prince

The Lake

"Like sunlight, sunset, we appear, we disappear, we are so important to some, but we are just passing through" After many years, Mayukh came again and sat on the wooden bench by the lake.Today, after almost forty years, he has come to the shores of this lake againToday, everything seems to be unfamiliar to him, … Continue reading The Lake

I’m no Ceraunophile

"Thunder is Good, Thunder is Impressive. But it is Lightning that does the work"Mark Twain Can't agree more.Raining outside. Lightning strikes.And here i'm standing on the porch I'm no ceraunophile, but still, i don't know,I enjoy the lightning. Everyone does. I love the way the sky seems to glow with violet light, the searing white … Continue reading I’m no Ceraunophile

Cyclone Amphan

Bengal and Orissa faced yet another cyclone after the last years Fani. The name is Amphan. This time it spares Orissa but not Bengal. Parts of Kolkata Its speed was 160 per hour. Haldia Pray For Bengal🙏

Another Earth ??

Astronomers have discovered a planet nearly the same size as Earth that orbits in its star’s habitable zone, where liquid water could exist on its surface, a new study said. The presence of liquid water also indicates the planet could support life.  This newly found world, Kepler-1649c, is 300 light-years away from Earth and orbits a … Continue reading Another Earth ??

Satyajit Ray- The Genius

"Simplicity is the Greatest sophistication" And Satyajit Ray Resonates this philosophy by Da Vinchi. I was introduced to Ray very early in life with characters like Feluda, Anathbabu, Tarinikhuro, Bankubabu and of course Prof. Shanku. Each story had their own way to amaze me astound me. He was way more ahead of his time. The … Continue reading Satyajit Ray- The Genius

In times of COVID-19

Wed,25 March, 2020: Lock Down! Curfew! 21 days lock down! My country is now trying hard to get controll of the deadly virus COVID-19. We are all in great fear. Pandemic everywhere. Hoping for a Morning, when we will wake up and the news will be "World is free from the virus" If a few … Continue reading In times of COVID-19

Make your New Year fast forward with the New Edge Browser By Microsoft

Right on schedule, Microsoft today released the first stable version of its new Chromium-based Edge browser, just over a year after it first announced that it would stop developing its own browser engine and go with what has, for better or worse, become the industry standard. You can now download the stable version for Windows … Continue reading Make your New Year fast forward with the New Edge Browser By Microsoft

Dear Moon

When she stand with me In that night We saw you Alone in that vast sky Covered by clouds Still bright Undaunted Spreading light Falling on us. We stared We saw The Moon In that night As glorious As beautiful As bright In that moonlight night